Ten Common Questions To Ask When Dealing With A Bookkeeper

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Although we were reeling from a pandemic, we were fortunate that bookkeeping was not severely affected by the changes that were taking place. We had to implement the new rules that were going about and find a way to get through the processes. However, everyone was still filing their taxes, and while there were a few breaks for businesses, the rules for their bookkeeping stayed the same.

There were a few changes with some of the processes we were getting through. We could no longer meet many of our clients in person, and had to meet our clients virtually. Here are some common questions we deal with when people are looking for a bookkeeper to complete their bookkeeping records. 

1. What type of bookkeeping services do you provide?
We are a small business financial advisor. To be able to advise our clients, we provide them with full bookkeeping services. Though many businesses need more than up to date, accurate bookkeeping records, we can also assist with

  • monitor their accounts receivables and bad debts.  
  • budget and monitoring spending
  • cash flow management

2. What are your credentials &/or experience?
I have been in this line of work for over 15 years and am an accredited Canadian Professional Bookkeeper. I have moved from only handling bookkeeping solutions to handling a wide range of services and becoming an all-around financial solution. We speak in numbers, so are in a good position to assist people and companies with their projections and other changes and requirements.

3. How often do you update our bookkeeping records?
We set our clients up so that they can provide us with their bookkeeping documents as they come in. This allows us to be able to provide "Real Time Bookkeeping" for our clients so they are able to see up to date bookkeeping records within days. This is essential for those growing businesses so they are able to make better business decisions. For businesses that are running at a steady pace, we also offer monthly and quarterly services.

4. How do you communicate with your clients?
For the most part, we would handle virtual meetings via zoom. However, if possible, we try to connect in-person as we start off our relationship. This allows us to get a sense of your business environment and the challenges you may face. Though, we would find the best and safest approach when coordinating and getting through processes with our clients. 

5. What process or system do you use for receiving my bookkeeping documents?
We use software that makes the process easier. We would have a session with our clients, where we teach them how they would work and how they can use them to get through a more convenient process. 

6. How familiar are you with my type of industry?
We specialize in the construction industry and field service industry such as maid service or landscapers and have a great understanding of how they function. We are dedicated to understanding the technology that best suits these industries that not only works well with our accounting software but also streamlines our clients’ business operations. Other service industries we work with are web designers, oilfield service consultants and transportation. 

7. What is your client’s exit process if I should discontinue my service?
We would provide all the work we were done with so that they could file the same themselves or through the new team they are working with. We would even assist with some form of knowledge transfer to allow the next team who worked on the process to assist and get through. 

8. Where is the work performed?
Most of the work we handle is done virtually. New clients at times may need a person on site to begin with, to get them set up for remote bookkeeping. They are often surprised by how easy this process is. 

9. How does your price structure work?
We have a fixed price structure connected to the work we handle. However, we also have a process where we listen to the clients we work with and ask them what they are looking for. After understanding what they are looking for, we are open to creating a price structure that works for them.

10. Will you provide a list of past/current clients as references?
We are happy to have our clients have conversations with the people we worked with in the past. Additionally, we suggest they find and read reviews about the company they want to work with online. You should always review the company you want to work with and have conversations with people they worked with so everyone is informed.

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